Vision & Missions


To become recognized as a highly effective civil society organization and national forum that provides meaningful contribution to the national efforts in creating a balanced and sustainable energy production and consumption systems in the frameworks of achieving the goals of sustainable and equitable development for the people of Indonesia.

Critical Missions to Accomplish

Support and promote the advancement of all energy conservation and efficiency efforts for achieving the national energy security and resilience

Actively participate in the process of developing government policies and regulations that support energy conservation and efficiency efforts in all sectors of the nation’s economy, implemented effectively and on consistent basis throughout the country, as well as in properly coordinated ways.

Actively guard the execution of energy conservation and efficiency related legislations, government policies and regulations, while where possible providing recommendations to improve detrimental policies and regulations as well as emphasizing the importance of accountability of the policies and regulations to the people.

Develop social capacity in understanding and implementing effective and sustainable energy conservation and efficiency efforts through mutually beneficial cooperation with higher educational institutions and national and international professional organizations to accomplish this particular mission.

Motivate national research agencies and higher education institutions to conduct and focus on developing energy conservation and efficiency research and development efforts which will create innovations and applications of energy conservation and efficiency technologies, for the benefit of the nation in the framework of sustainable development.

Develop a Center for Studies and Information on Energy Conservation and Efficiency, with an emphasis on the business sector, and enable MASKEEI to become the reliable source of information for key stakeholders and the society in general.

Actively participate in joint efforts with relevant organizations and institutions for advancing the utilization of clean energy (renewable and low carbon energy) towards sustainable development.

Who we are

MASKEEI (Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia) or IECES (Indonesia Energy Conservation and Efficiency Society) is an organization comprised of individual and organizational members whose common vision and mission focuses on achieving national energy security and resilience for sustainable growth in Indonesia


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