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MASKEEI (Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia) or IECES (Indonesia Energy Conservation and Efficiency Society) is an organization comprised of individual and organizational members whose common vision and mission focuses on achieving national energy security and resilience for sustainable growth in Indonesia through the implementation and practice of Energy Conservation and Efficiency measures MASKEEI/IECES represents the interests of those who care for promoting, developing and conducting efforts in energy conservation and efficiency in receiving the deserved attention and proper response from the government and society. MASKEEEI provides a platform for promoting ECE throughout Indonesia, through various efforts and activities involving business players, policymakers, academics, energy professionals, energy consumers, and other relevant stakeholders.

Formally established in 2014, MASKEEI’s had its roots from the Forum Komunikasi Masyarakat Hemat Energy (FKHME, The Communications Forum for the Energy Saving Society), an organization established in 2001 with the purpose of promoting energy conservation and efficiency with a national campaign of awareness raising program. Recognizing a potential in recent socio-economic development in Indonesia, an existence of momentum to advance and reactivate earlier efforts of FKHME, and a desire to become stewards in guiding the nation towards energy security and resilience for sustainable development, the founders of FKHME along with many new supporters declared MASKEEI on June 4, 2014, as the new name of FKHME at the EBTKE CONEX – a Conference and Exhibition of the New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, organized by the Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (EBTKE/ESDM) in Jakarta.

Importance of Energy Conservation and Efficiency for Indonesia

With the decline in energy sources and increasing energy demand in Indonesia for economic growth and development, the strategic role of energy is ever more significant. Energy security and resilience has become a top priority for Indonesia’s future. It is with this thought in mind that MASKEEI founders and members alike have come together to support all efforts to maintain and build the national energy security through the promotion of conservation of energy resources, efficient and sustainable energy use, and a cost-effective and efficient energy supply that would accelerate Indonesia’s transition to having a more sustainable energy system for supporting the national sustainable development programs.

We believe that Indonesia must rigorously build the national clean energy future, on top of building greater power and energy supply capacity, by developing and implementing energy conservation and efficiency measures, as well as boosting innovation for new solutions, and promoting further existing energy efficient products, technologies, and all related services.

We believe that through energy conservation and efficiency, Indonesia can gain great advantages in:

Energy cost savings for consumers, business and government
  • Inspiring and motivating innovation toward having increased energy and the overall economic system productivity
  • Supporting initiatives toward creating and maintaining a cleaner environment
  • Lessening dependence on imported energy sources
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and overall contribution to mitigating greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  • Rationalizing the need for building new power plants to meet the increasing energy needs

The Framework of Energy Hierarchy

In prioritizing and developing actions to produce progress towards a more sustainable energy system, we believe that the concept of Energy Hierarchy (EH) is critical.

EH provides a classification of energy effort options with the most favored options at the top:

Energy Saving/Conservation

This is top priority where efforts are focused on the prevention of unnecessary use of energy with some sacrifice. This category includes eliminating waste by turning off unused lights and appliances and by avoiding unnecessary journeys that require energy consumption. Energy conservation means that we optimize the use and preserve the availability of energy resources to meet the needs of the future generations.

Energy Efficiency

This is second priority under the energy hierarchy which is to ensure that energy is produced and consumed efficiently. Energy efficiency enables us to produce the same or more desired outputs while using less energy.

Sustainable Energy Production

This is using renewable energy resources, which is theoretically inexhaustible and therefore sustainable energy.

Low Impact Energy Production

This is next priority in the hierarchy which covers energy resources that are not entirely sustainable but have a low environmental impact. These include the use of cleaner less polluting fossil fuels such as natural gas and “cleaner” fossil fuels with application of carbon capture and storage technology, and nuclear energy which is generally technologically considered as clean energy because it has low carbon emissions.

High Impact Energy Production

This is the lowest priority under the energy hierarchy which is energy production and consumption of unsustainable resources, such as fossil fuels. Some experts place nuclear energy in this category because of the required discipline in managing the storage of highly hazardous radioactive waste over extremely long periods associated with the depletion of uranium resources. There is currently an overwhelming global consensus that the share of such high impact energy resources must be reduced over time to respond to the global climate change impacts and some country leaders consider using nuclear energy must be avoided or put it as the ‘last choice’.

Who we are

MASKEEI (Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia) or IECES (Indonesia Energy Conservation and Efficiency Society) is an organization comprised of individual and organizational members whose common vision and mission focuses on achieving national energy security and resilience for sustainable growth in Indonesia


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